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Denver Nuggets won with Nikola Jokic on fire – NBA – Playon99 News



The Denver Nuggets won by 10 against the Magics with another key performance from Jokic. The Serbian had another double-double and like him he was always the mainstay of the team on another NBA night – Playon99 News

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Nikola Jokic against the world is the summary of the Denver Nuggets season that depends entirely on an absolutely generational star.

A current MVP who, regardless of whether or not he can defend the title because Joel Embiid is around, is pulling the franchise car, destroying his rivals, ignoring fatigue and adding one exhibition after another.

Against the Orlando Magic, Jokic had his umpteenth performance of the season: 26 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists, but 5 turnovers.

On this occasion, the entire Nuggets quintet has gone into double figures in scoring, while Facundo Campazzo re-enters Malone’s plans and is close to 20 minutes with 5 goals, 2 rebounds and 5 assists.

Denver sentenced the start (29-14) and dedicated itself to managing the advantage, something that it achieved despite a last period of madness and a lot of scoring (36-41).

In the Magic, who think about the future, there was a bit of Franz Wagner (26+8+4, with 2 steals) and another of Wendell Carter Jr. (25+12+4, with 2 other steals), but nothing or nobody was able to stop the epicenter of the NBA, the total basketball player.

There is no night in which the Serbian is not the best of his team, the top scorer, rebounder, assistant, stealer and blocker. The one who shoots the most and best. He is also, of course, the one who defends the best and, obviously, the one who has been on the court the longest.

Only in this way can his coach, Mike Malone, sustain a scheme that would fall apart without a key piece, a man through whom the ball passes in practically all the Nuggets’ attacks.

Jokic played 51 games out of a possible 57 this season, all of them as starters. He has missed six for different reasons for a Nuggets record in those games of 1-5.

About to turn 27 – he will do so on February 19 – he already has a meteoric career that has many years ahead of him and one thing cannot be ignored: the conditioning factor of what could have happened these two seasons with Jamal Murray by his side.

That a project in continuous ascending line, with Conference finals in the bubble and a lot of room for improvement, has been left without its second sword in two seasons in which anyone from the Western Conference can sneak into a Finals, resents the career of the Pivot, who despite this was in charge of continuing to make history.

The sum of statistics is already simply film: Jokic has 45 double-doubles and 15 triple-doubles in 51 games and has achieved double-double or triple-double in the last 11 games.

His averages speak for themselves: almost 26 points, 13.7 rebounds – his career-high – and about 8 assists, with 57.6% shooting from the field and 36.8% on triples.

His highest score has been 49 points with a triple-double against the Clippers, he has 4 games over 20 rebounds -22 top, in another game against the Angelenos- and has up to 15 games with 10 or more assists, something unthinkable ago a few years for a center, but that he has achieved by exercising this function and that of a playmaker at the same time.

The difference in points with the second Denver Nuggets player is more than 10, with Will Barton getting 15.4 points per game.

The man who keeps the Nuggets hopeful practically alone. Who fights against everyone and whom no one can stop: Nikola Jokic, a player who is already historic?

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