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Dallas Mavericks 107-99 Miami Heat – NBA Highlights – Playon99 News



The Mavs won in Miami against the Heat by 107-99 and without the need of Doncic in MVP mode. The Texans pulled through a tough matchup on difficult terrain and against an opponent that had the best on the court – Playon99 News

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Part of what Dallas Mavericks intended with the trade of Kristaps Porzingis in terms of positively affecting the team for the remainder of the season, without delving into the financial part, which is what they put in front, is reflected in games like the one in Miami.

Without yet seeing the Dinwiddie of yesteryear, the one who loved in Brooklyn Nets and has to adapt to a point guard who will not let him move the ball much, it was possible to see what they want Bertans to be.

In turn, how they see the fit of these two to win in high altitude commitments as it was this Tuesday night.

Defenses close in on Luka Doncic so he has to release the ball, going two-on-one repeatedly, and against threes, and in superiority, it’s up to others to decide.

So far it has not had the expected effect, since with the Slovenian they have not passed any playoff round.

The plan now has, with these two players added to the roster, an upgrade. This Dallas 2.0 stopped at FTX Arena and took the game 99-107.

The Heat are one of the powerhouse outfits in the Eastern Conference and had Tucker, Adebayo, Butler, Robinson, and Lowry as their starting five, and winning at home with all of them available is a luxury.

The Texans came out well from a first half in which they had the opposition in front of them. Florida focused on guarding inside and attacking from close range, on one side and the other, and it was positive for them, along with the marking they were subjecting Doncic until Dallas woke up.

The 18/41 in three-pointers, lifted in the second half of the game, made that defense untenable for the Heat, who scored only seven shots beyond the arc.

It didn’t even take Luka to have the kind of big game he’s had in recent games: he scored 21 points but missed 14 of the 19 shots he attempted.

Jalen Brunson and Maxi Kleber, each with 19 points, stood out. Small forward Jimmy Butler -29 points- was the top scorer in this matchup.

Dallas was much better after halftime. They had been hurt a lot inside and not necessarily by Adebayo or Yurtseven, but also by Butler and Tucker.

Control was not total by the home side, but they were tending to it. The leads exceeded ten in the final moments of the second quarter and it was time to solve the various problems the Mavericks faced.

Making shots was important. The first day of the third quarter was a behind-the-back pass from Doncic to Kleber to avoid double-teaming; the second, a three-pointer by Luka.

In that period, they gradually closed the gap to 76 and, with a 2+1 by Bertans, took the lead.

Doncic was lively, with a love for handling the ball whether it was to give it to a teammate or to break through defenders to score himself. Key was the connection with the two mobile centers he has as teammates, Powell and Kleber, to distribute the flow of passes.

That’s why the Slovenian finished with only six assists, those plays had to pass a second filter to get back to the perimeter and deliver a more powerful blow to the Heat.

Even without Luka, the team coached by Jason Kidd took advantage and they were the ones who were ten up at the opening of the final quarter, but there was no chance for the home team to reply. Kleber sealed the game in the last minute with, of course, a three-point shot.

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