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CSK unfollow Ravindra Jadeja on Instagram, Amid rift rumours as all-rounder ruled out of IPL2022



Key Highlights

  • The CSK team’s player and former captain Ravindra Jadeja was unfollowed by CSK from their Instagram handle
  • Jadeja has also been ruled out from the entire tournament after injuring himself on his ribs
  • Allrounder’s, sudden departure has raised eyebrows of his rift with the franchise
  • Ravindra Jadeja after becoming the captain has not even lost 6 games off 8 but also has lost his form scoring only 116 out of 10 games of the tournament and with five wickets

Whether you call it politics or poor destiny, but the times for a few players in the IPL isn’t going very well after all. Where on one side Virat Kohli is under the scanner of the BCCI’s selection committee whereas on the other end is Ravindra Jadeja, who recently was unfollowed by his own franchise from Instagram.

The official reasons are unknown but according to rumours, Ravindra Jadeja has had a rift with the CSK franchise which has caused a major imbalance between the player and his current performance.

Recently, after 6 consecutive loses off 8 matches, Ravindra Jadeja was seen handing over his captaincy back again to MS Dhoni and the suddenly his injury that too on ribs have stirred a series of conversation on social media about his rift with the franchise and why not because now the player isn’t even in the team anymore. The franchise later through an official statement stated of his ruling out due to health condition.

The sudden activities like this have raised concerns not only between the readers like you but also fans on the social media. One of the twitter users even wrote blaming the franchise and MS Dhoni for making Jadeja the scapegoat for the worst season. Have a look,

“CSK management & dhoni played cheap politics with #Jadeja first dhoni made him scapegoat captain to blamed for worst season, then sacked him from captain in just 8 matches, then Dhoni criticised his captaincy, then #CSK unfollowed him & now sacked from IPL BEST PLAYER but insulted”

Another user naming Akshay Pradhan with similar mindset was seen stating about something being brewing against Jadeja which caused him his natural self.

“Something had been brewing for sometimes and that could be the reason of his relinquishing the captaincy. And Jadeja was not in his natural self. And then news of his injury came….looks a mystery”

We might know the exact reason for Jadeja’s poor performance or rift against the Franchise but one thing is for sure, that every action has a reaction and if a player like Ravindra Jadeja can suddenly go out of form, their must be something wrong directly or indirectly with the player.

But in a recent, the CEO of the CSK team rubbished all the rumours on the social media stating,

Today the 4-time IPL Champions the CSK team are going to face the 5-time IPL champions, the Mumbai Indians again in the their 59th match of the IPL.

Let’s see who wins!!

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