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Chappell Praises Virat as the most consolidated Indian Batsman




Virat Kohli defeated arch-rivals Pakistan in the T20 World Cup opener, with Australian legend Greg Chappell calling the former skipper “the most complete Indian batsman” of the time. Appropriately responding to his skeptics who questioned his place in the format, Kohli scored an unbeaten 82 on Sunday to snatch the win off his chin in a loss to Pakistan.

The 74-year-old Australian Cricketer described innings as “God’s song”:

“Among all the greats of the past, the nuances of striking technique, as Virat did last Sunday night, are the most important.” He couldn’t have brutally dismembered his opponent without putting himself in danger.”

“Virat Kohli is the most accomplished Indian hitter of my time. You need to have the courage and the intelligence to push your imagination beyond the level, and Kohli has it. Perhaps only Tiger Pataudi came close to passing through a similar stratosphere,” Chappell wrote in his Sydney Morning Herald column. In T20 cricket.

Like a cat playing with a new ball of yarn, Kohli teased a great Pakistani bowling attack before being unleashed on his carpet and spent on the green of MCG on the last Sunday. Kohli’s innings against Pakistan’s ‘legitimate’ T20 cricket. He skilfully picked it up until it was ripped and exposed. It was an innings that displayed the art of batting like nothing I had seen in my life as a cricketer. It was an inning, dare I say it, then an inning of the throat.

Kohli justifies T20 Cricketing Era

Chappell said only Australian wicketkeeper-batsman World Cup champion Adam Gilchrist can match Kohli in terms of pure stroke play. We could have done it, maybe we could have won, but no one has done it with a pure striking ability as Kohli did against Pakistan,” he said. But it was even more esoteric than some of his most spectacular endeavors was impossible to look away.” That knock came from Test cricket’s strongest and most vocal supporters, making the Chappell even more ecstatic.

“It has given me great pleasure to be played by one of Test cricket’s most loyal supporters and advocates in the last 145 years. It was a day of nail-biting matches between two of the game’s young long-form nations in front of 90,000 devoted fans, most thousands of kilometer’s from their countries. Chappell argued over Kohli’s selection for India’s squad for the T20 World Cup, and after controversially serving as captain in all three formats, he described the worst period of his career as ‘mental’. Enduring in trouble, in the Asian Cup he celebrated his 100th anniversary in an international competition for the first time in three years and the first in the shortest format against Afghanistan.

He retained his form in the home series in front of Australia just ahead of the T20 World Cup. It’s against the backdrop of a lean ride for its high standards,” writes Chappell. “Not many people have to live with it in all the glory that Virat has. As someone who has followed this path, I was convinced otherwise.

“This is probably the best T20 innings of his career and potentially one of the most satisfying innings in any format. He was right on his mission.“

A glorious inning at MCG With over 90,000 fans cheering at every turn on Shane Warne’s homeland, Chappell felt as if he was alive as if Spin Wizards were proud of Knock.

“It was indeed the dawn of the new crown of cricket. Kohli forced his team to cross the line and urged all who love the game of cricket to stay and watch the spectacle to the end.” Kohli’s 6 was ruled a no-ball due to height and there were some controversial byes, so the match was controversial in the final over. “This is similar to how New Zealand was penalized for accidentally falling off their opponent’s racket in the 50-over World Cup final at The Oval in 2019,” Chappell said.

“Either way, India would have been very likely to win, but it wouldn’t have been a foregone conclusion. I am reviewing this rule to give dead ball credit if a bowler is competent enough to bat and hit stumps,” concluded Chappell.


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