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Champions League – Manchester City won the first test



Atlético Madrid had an absolutely defensive approach. But they could not avoid leaving with a goal against the scoreboard. Manchester City is a great team and maybe the best globally, as Simeone said. Although now they will have to think about how to attack Guardiola to advance in the Champions League.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Manchester City managed to take advantage in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Although it cost them a lot, they were able to overcome the resistance of Atlético Madrid. And took 1-0-win thinking about next week’s second leg in Spain.

Atlético Madrid came out to defend and resist near their area. And it looked like they would succeed. Until Kevin de Bruyne found the hole and scored the winning goal.

Pep Guardiola celebrated wildly. Throwing a bottle through the air, showing how much, it cost his team. Manchester City had the ball the whole match, almost always close to the opponent’s area. But they were finding it hard to generate situations. In fact, their first shot on goal had been 10 minutes into the second half.

Atlético Madrid followed their strategy of retreating at the back and waiting. And the Ciudadanos started to get frustrated because they did not know how to break that defense. But the changes had an influence on both teams and changed the game.

A change to get to the goal

Guardiola sent on Foden to provide the clarity that was missing almost at the hour mark. Three minutes after coming on, he saw the space, threw the pass to De Bruyne and the Belgian scored with a cross.

Everything happened before Simeone’s lament. Atlético Madrid had some counterattack to hurt with the game equalized. But fate was not on their side.

Atlético stole the ball twice and came close. First with Griezmann, who failed to cross the shot. And second with Llorente, whose shot went into Ederson’s hands.

Simeone made three changes that, when put together, did not have the expected effect. De Paul, Correa and Cunha did not perform at the same level as Koke, Griezmann and Llorente.

Manchester City continued to insist on looking for more advantages. But they lacked clarity. On the other side, Atletico could not come up with an idea to equalize because it was not in the plans either.

Thus, the duel of styles ended up being for Guardiola to take a 1-0. Although without settling the series. Something positive knowing that his team was not at its best. But he still managed to get the advantage.

The question will be more on the side of Atlético Madrid to know how they will do to reverse it and advance in the Champions League. At least they will have to have another position to equalize the series at the Wanda Metropolitano and dream of qualifying.

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