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Champions League – Atlético Madrid was eliminated with its head held high



Champions League – Manchester City may be the best team in the world. But they left the Wanda Metropolitano with a frightened face. Atlético Madrid beat them the whole match. And Guardiola did not look like Pep, nor Simeone like Cholo.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The result proves Guardiola right. And that’s all there is to it. It will be his team that will appear in the Champions League Semifinals. Absolutely decimated, judging by the cards, by the changes and by the guys who were falling to the ground after making them. But whoever shows up, at the end of the day.

It is worth paying attention to how he showed up. With Ederson as a last-minute hero taking out Carrasco and Correa when Atlético Madrid was already down. With the rest of the team wasting time in a shameful way. With Guardiola introducing defensive changes.

Manchester City was subdued by the rival and pulling all those tricks that apparently were not as exclusive to Atlético Madrid as they had been told. The result proved Guardiola right.

And as it gives Guardiola the reason, it takes it away from Simeone. He planned 135 minutes of survival and 45 minutes of harassment and demolition. But it was not rewarded with a goal that would have taken the game to extra time.

He had made his changes in just two moves. Looking for the big door or the infirmary. And there were chances in a moving second act. If only for the epic.

Felipe ruined the plans a bit

Above all, in that final stretch accident. After the tangany that Felipe devised with an elbow and that Foden accepted willingly getting into the field after having fallen out of it. But his team was more heart than head in front of Manchester City‘s goal. Pride is still intact. Despite another Champions League loss.

Before all that, there are two actions that define the first act. In one, Lodi has Joao Felix. And he still has him. And he has him again. But he doesn’t give it to him. He drives absurdly and ends up giving it away to the despair of his teammate.

In another Mahrez doesn’t seem to have Walker. And he still doesn’t have him. And he still hasn’t got it. But he gives it to him. He hits it with the outside so that it goes around all the red and white shaped obstacles. And he finds the full-back almost at the end line giving continuity to a play in which Gundogan will end up hitting the post.

There was no need for Oblak to appear. But it is played on the balcony of the area of an Atlético Madrid whose pressure again seems to be a lie. Because some go and some don’t. Because there are players who leave some doubt because of the physical while Joao Felix feels extremely lonely in the 5-4-1. Because Bernardo Silva is delayed and goes inside to create even more superiority and to leave a corridor for Cancelo.

Because in terms of soccer, in short, there is still no color. Felipe, in the meantime, has looked for and found his card. First, he hit Foden with a gap included. Then he knocks down De Bruyne. The referee has no choice but to comply with the Brazilian’s wishes.

Atlético Madrid left for dead

Soccer returns and it is immediately apparent that something is happening. Kondogbia enables Griezmann on the run. Lemar looks for a shot that he can’t find. Joao Felix heads a service from Llorente. Atlético Madrid takes steps as Manchester City retreats.

The Citizens no longer have the ball and also lose De Bruyne physically. From there, the chances. De Paul just after coming on, Correa shortly after, Savic in the following corner, and the last ones after the expulsion. But no goal.

So, the goal from the first leg is worth it. That ended as the rosary of the dawn and leaves debate for a while. But the result proved Guardiola right. That’s the way it is. Atlético Madrid left with their heads held high. And Manchester City advanced to the Champions League Semifinals.

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