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CEO Also Involved In Team Selection”: Captain Shreyas Iyer After KKR’s Win Over Mumbai Indians In IPL 2022



Key Highlights

  • Probably the post-match presentation statement has landed the KKR skipper into a slight trouble and has raised eyebrows of a few
  • The KKR team has used five different opening combinations in 12 matches due to frequent changes this season.
  • Strange thing was, the number one player of the world, Pat Cummins was made seated in one of the matches. Ravi Shastri said, “Wonder what he was doing warming the bench”

Despite KKRs big win against the MIs of 52 runs have brought smiles to team’s management and players and fans faces but the team is in limelight this time for some other reason’s as well. During the presentation (post-match), Shreyas Iyer was seen saying something that shouldn’t be saying on a platform like that. Happy about the match win, Iyer said that along with coach’s even the “CEO is involved in team selection”.

Now in the statement such like it has raised eyebrows that what non-sports personnel is doing in the selection process.And it’s not like the personnel’s involved is making some mind-blowing decision’s or something but in fact the is in the worst state ever.

The KKR team this season is sitting at the seventh spot and the win against the MIs with good margin has still kept the hopes alive for the team be part of the playoffs. The most surprising thing is that in all 12 games the KKR team has used five different opening combinations in 12 matches due to frequent changes this season which is terrifying for nay team. Secondly, in a match it was also seen that the world-class bowler and skipper of the Australian team was made seated in one of the matches and where the former cricketer and commentator Ravi Shastri raised concerns over his sitting and warming the bench stuffs and all.

He said,

“Shukar hai Pat Cummins ko khilaya hai. Patha nahi kya kar raha tha bench garam kar ke. Australia captain hai, world class bowler hai aur bithaaya gaya usko!


“Thankfully they have played Cummins. Wonder what he was doing warming the bench. He is the Australia captain, a world class bowler and they still benched him!”

Now in the presentation (post-match) when Shreyas Iyer was asked that how constant changing has affected the game, in response the player said,

“It’s really difficult. I was also in that position once when I started playing IPL. We discuss with the coaches; CEO is also involved in team selection. Baz (head coach Brendon McCullum) goes to the players and tells them if they are not playing. All of them are very supportive of the decision-making. The way they turn up to the ground, each and every individual in the playing eleven, it’s something to be proud of as a captain.”

What was it then, the comment was intentional or non-intentional is secondary but it has raised concerns like where does the power lies and whether the team has the freedom to choose the right guy for the game or not!!

However, this game was great for them but still they have to climb a steep ladder ahead to reach the playoffs.

Lets’ hope for the best!!

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