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Another match suspended! – Premier League



Burnley-Everton was suspended for Coronavirus cases. Premier League decided to postpone another of the Boxing Day matches and there are already three matches that will not be played.

English football had a convulsed week thinking about the most special day of the year for fans. The pressure between player-staff and the Premier League grew as the days went by due to the inability to make decisions.

Burnley was supposed to host Everton for the day on Sunday, but the organization decided to accommodate the Toffees’ request. The match was suspended because Everton had only 9 professional players on their roster.

This is already the third Boxing Day match to be postponed: he joins Liverpool-Leeds and Wolverhampton-Watford. In total, there are already 14 games that were suspended between the last 5 days due to cases of Coronavirus.

The Omicron variant hits the UK and Europe. More and more countries are tightening restrictions. Soccer leagues try to avoid decision-making, but sooner or later they will end up taking action. They don’t want to go back to what happened in 2020: the loss of millions.

At the moment, Boxing Day will feature 7 games: Manchester City-Leicester, Norwich-Arsenal, Tottenham Crystal Palace, West Ham-Southampton, Aston Villa-Chelsea, Brighton-Brentford and Newcastle-Manchester United.

Week in conflict

During the week there was a round trip between coaches due to the suspension of matches. Thomas Frank of Brentford said the Premier League should suspend all matches for a week. Sean Dyche, Burnley’s trainer, suggested the cases will keep popping up anyway.

The same coach of Burnley remained in the controversy and assured that it was early to suspend the game against Everton despite the fact that his rival could not present a 100% professional team.

Rafa Benítez, Everton’s manager, raised a cry and complained about the organization. Premier League had not resulted in the suspension of his match and until then he had to present a very alternative team.

The Spanish coach was more ironic with his response. He had only 9 professional outfield players at his disposal and had to use young people under 21 years of age. Rafa Benítez was overcome by the situation and pointed directly to the level expected to be in the Premier League:

“The problem is we have nine outfield players available plus three keepers and after we have to bring in five young players who are not even 21 years old. It seems that they have enough experience to play in the Premier League”.

The Premier League regulations indicate that it will not postpone a match if the club has 14 or more players available, but the situation was extremely delicate. Burnley FC-Everton was suspended and Benítez’s request was finally fulfilled.

Pep Guardiola went further in the discussion and stated that the players are tired of the calendar. The Spanish coach suggested that perhaps at some point the players will reveal themselves to the Premier League and go on strike:

“Should the players and the managers be all together and make a strike, or something, because just through words it’s not going to be solved?”



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