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Algeria champion! – Arab Cup 2021



Algeria became the champion of the 2021 Arab Cup played in Qatar as a preview of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The green team beat Tunisia 2-0 thanks to a tremendous goal from Amir Saayoud in overtime.

The midfielder who plays in Al Tai – from Saudi Arabia – connected a great team move and fired at the far post of the Tunisian goalkeeper.


The Algerian team stayed for the first time with the Arab Cup and concluded a great tournament that serves to face the African Cup. They qualified in groups with Egypt and in the quarterfinals, after drawing 2-2, they eliminated the current African champion -Morocco- on penalties.

The definition of semis was for heart attack. Qatar – host and favorite – tied the game against Algeria in the 98th minute. Everything seemed to be heading into overtime, but – when the referee had added 18 minutes – Algeria had the chance to kick a penalty. Youssef Belaili charged and his shot went wide. Qatar rejected the ball immediately, but Belaili himself, a minute later, found hope: he shot from the middle of the court and converted the goal that would give them a pass to the final. Total delirium.


There was a particular situation with Belaili. The Algerian played for Qatar SC and scored the key goal against the country’s team. His team terminated the player’s contract the next day. Belaili is a great player and he immediately found a team: he will play in Ligue One for Montpellier.

The Algerian people celebrated in the streets. The inhabitants of Palestine joined in other parts of the world. In the Gaza Strip, they came out to encourage Algeria in gratitude for exalting the causes of claiming land against Israel.


The final match was not very entertaining in the beginning. During the first half it was more friction and fights than football. At the end there was a lot of tension between the players and the referee.

After overtime, both teams attacked each other mercilessly. Algeria got the advantage and took refuge in their own field. Tunisia, also with great chances of qualifying for the World Cup, sought a tie by all means.

At the end and in a corner, the Tunisian goalkeeper went to look for the agonizing goal, but the Algerian defenders rejected and Yacine Brahimi left with the ball. The midfielder crossed the entire field with the ball and converted with an empty goal. All his teammates and staff ran out to celebrate: Algeria Arab champion 2021.




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